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Important Installation Instructions


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Important Information

Before you download these development versions of pop!siteTM, please be aware:

  • As these are development builds of the software, we can't guarantee that they are release quality. Use this software at your own risk.
  • These files do not contain a complete installation of pop!site. You must already have an existing version of pop!site installed in order to use these newer pieces of the software.
  • Please read the release notes associated with each of these builds to find out what specific changes have been included in the software.

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San Francisco, CA (approx. 350KB) (approx. 320KB)
Release Notes

STEP 3  
Important Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded the zipped file for either pop!site or pop!site desktop, unzip these files to the Program directory inside of your existing pop!site directory. For most people, the path to this directory will look something like this:
C:\Program Files\popsite\Program\ should contain: pt.exe, ptshell.exe, pteng.dll, ptx.exe should contain: pt.exe, ptshell.exe, pteng.dll


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