We took our experience building award winning web sites and developed practical tools for Web Developers. You manipulate HTML directly -- not because it is clever or particularly convenient -- but because you have to in order to get the results you need to stay on the cutting edge. Now, take a giant leap forward in squeezing the most out of your site. And your time.

Try pop!site and its language pop!talk. Get the productivity you want without giving up the control you need.


The hours you used to spend on cut and paste, or on implementing site-wide changes can be yours again. Write it once, use it often.

pop!talk is our language for extending HTML. Designed to be intuitive to an HTML developer, it extends HTML to allow for the use of time-saving macros, if statements, variables, forms, file manipulation and other capabilities previously considered the domain of the software engineering professional. Simply add pop!talk "tags" to your documents, and then use pop!siteTM or pop!site desktop to convert your page to pure HTML. The foundation of the pop!site products, pop!talk is an underlying technology, not a separately priced product.

pop!site desktop
Your site can be more compelling. Give your users the latest information, customized just for them.  
Deeply rooted in HTML, pop!site can boost your productivity today. And no need to worry about dicey tool integration issues.

Simply put, pop!site converts pop!talk documents into HTML. This is accomplished in one of two ways: Residing on your Web server, pop!talk pages are translated into HTML as your site's visitors request them. Or translate the pop!talk file into a static HTML page before going live. Either way, you win.


pop!site desktop also translates pop!talk pages to HTML. The product resides on your workstation, where your pop!talk pages are converted to HTML. Only HTML documents make it to your Web server (or your customer's Web server, if you're a web publishing service firm).

pop!site is now available for Windows 95/NT platforms, for the price of $395.00


pop!site desktop is now available for Windows 95/NT platforms, for the price of $129.00

How do I find out more?
* Tour
If you are new to our products, take a guided tour of how pop!site and pop!talk work.
* Documentation
Extensive online documentation is available to you. Learn how to use the product or just look things up fast.
* Buy It
By visiting our software center, you can purchase either pop!site or pop!site desktop. Get started right away! You've already wasted too much time building your site the old way...
* Try It
You can download a fully-functional trial version of either pop!site or pop!site desktop.

BrowserCaps BrowserCaps

Understanding the capabilities of the myriad of browsers and versions of browsers can be a full time job. Don't let it be.

As a free reference for web publishers, Pragmatica has created a site for both capturing and presenting information on the capabilities of the endless number of browers and verisions of browsers in the marketplace. If you need to know the presentation quirks of the WebTV browser (or any of several hundred other browsers!), check it out. Or run your browser through it's paces.

Visit BrowserCaps


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