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Quick Reference
Object Types
System Properties
System Methods
Binary Operators

Getting Started
If you've just downloaded pop!siteTM, you'll want to look here. You'll find installation instructions, an introduction to pop!site's language, pop!talkTM, and information on how to run pop!site.

Task Guide
If you have a specific web-publishing problem you're trying to solve, look here. You'll find a list of common problems and information about how to tackle them.

Language Guide
In this section, you'll find detailed discussions of all the different aspects of pop!site's language, pop!talk. You'll also find important reference information such as complete lists of all object types, system properties and methods.

Library Reference
In the Library, you'll find a collection of pre-built macros and objects to help kick-start your site development.

System Reference
Here you'll find detailed information the built-in global properties and methods. You'll also find information about all the object types and their properties and methods.

Here you'll find some samples that show what you can do with pop!site.

Show Your Power

If you like pop!site and you'd like people to know that you are using it, you can add the pop!site button to your page. First copy the icon. Then add this HTML to your page:

<include file="proudpopsite.pti"> <proudpopsite>

pop!site Power

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