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Pragmatica's pop!siteTM Removes Cut-and-Paste, Adds Macros and Programming Intelligence to HTML
Pragmatica Inc.'s pop!site is another great new product introduced at Spring Internet World last week. Formerly codenamed "Mango," pop!site is a macro-based authoring tool that enables site developers to extend HTML by using the HTML-inspired pop!talkTM language to create a variety of user-defined and built-in elements. Therefore, rather than the tedious and time-consuming tasks of cut-and-paste and search-and-replace that have traditionally been part of coding in a text editor, pop!site lets you create reusable HTML components that can be updated by simply modifying a single macro, instead of manually making changes to each HTML file.

Running on a local desktop, pop!site simply converts these macros and other pop!talk elements into standard HTML for output as static pages. However, pop!site can also be configured to run on a Web server, where it can be used to deliver dynamic pages on the fly. This option lets you create components that usually require complex CGI or other scripting -- forms processing, date and time stamps, if statements, variables, browser-optimized pages, even objects and properties -- using the pop!talk language's simple, HTML-like tags instead of Perl or JavaScript.

pop!site currently runs on Windows 95 and NT, with a Linux version and support for additional platforms soon to come.
-- D. Larson

(from the March 20th issue of Web Developer Online)


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