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"pop!siteTM provides a way to build a customizable set of super-tags that fully automate how classes of information are marked up...Not only does this make the job of marking up a page easier, it also makes it possible to change the whole look-and-feel of a site more easily, since the changes only need to be made to the super-tags and automatically apply to all of the documents already posted."

Cool Tool of the Day
"...pop!site lets you do tons of stuff that you could only do if you used CGI programming in the past...without the programming. And managing humongous Web sites becomes as easy as getting Chris Farley to eat a bucket of fried chicken...nothin to it."

pop!site is a WINner
Pragmatica is honored by the selection of pop!site to receive a 1996 Annual Steve Jenkins WINner award. As Steve puts it: "pop!site's macro-based approach to building, maintaining, and updating your Web pages is, to put it mildly, revolutionary!"

CNET's Just In review of pop!site
"...pop!talkTM is an extension of HTML that's simple to learn yet powerful...For people who need to add new content to their site and don't want to do a lot of cutting and pasting, pop!site is a very usable solution."

Win95 Magazine Editors Choice!
"Have you heard of it? You will!...pop!site is truely original...You'll be amazed at the time you'll save using pop!site for your web site."

Web Developer Online Magazine Review of pop!site
"Pragmatica Inc.'s pop!site is another great new product introduced at Spring Internet World ...pop!site is a macro-based authoring tool that enables site developers to extend HTML by using the HTML-inspired pop!talk language to create a variety of user-defined and built-in elements."


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